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How Much does Lawn Spraying Cost?

For an average interior lot, a basic lawn spraying service will cost $30.00 per month. The basic service provides medium fertility levels and weed control and excellent insect control. The basic service is good for lawns watered at least 3 times per week and mowed at 4” or above.

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Extra Services and Premium Services

For lawns with restricted water use -  the addition of Hydretain will greatly improve the looks and health your lawn. Hydretain will cost you an extra $10.00 per month.

For the best for your lawn you can upgrade to the Premium services at $55.00 per month and Premium Services with Hydretain at $65.00 per month.

For more information and a firm price,  please feel free to call Rick Orr at 727-423-7967 or fill out  the Request for Proposal form.

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Rick Orr is an Agronomist and Owner/Operator of A Promised Land Lawn Spraying, Inc. A Promised Land Lawn Spraying Inc., is a family owned business serving residential and commercial (large lawn) properties in Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, St Petersburg and all areas of Pinellas County, FL. You can learn more at our Info Page or on Facebook . Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. To request a a free quote for your St Augustine turf grass lawn, click here-> Request for Proposal<

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